Lunaya Pravda

24 March 2006

The Ceremonial First Pitch

I suppose it's time I began this blog. I'm a terrible procrastinator - sloth would probably my most serious deadly sin, were I to keep score - and my procrastination hits its peak whenever it involves starting something. I'm a closer, not a starting pitcher... always have been.

As some of you may know, Lunaya Pravda refers to the name of the lunar newspaper in The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein. I'm an avid reader - I have much time to waste on my daily bus commute to work, and I belong to a local book club. Okay, "club" might be stretching it a bit. There's three of us at the moment, but we do read one book a month and convene to discuss it afterwards. Now, one book a month isn't nearly enough for me, so I might read two or three books between book club installations.

As for the purpose of this blog - I don't really have one other than publishing my own musings on various social, political, and economic issues du jour along with a smattering of items I find humorous or interesting. Living free is of paramount significance to me, especially in these trying times when the gates of choice and freedom are slamming in our faces every day.

For my political leanings, I'm near to becoming a non-voter, I identify most as an minarchist with government's sole purpose being a framework for dispute resolution, and I always believe in erring on the side of freedom. I certainly don't have all my views solidified, but I think the above explanation is a good place to start.

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