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14 April 2006

Spring has sprung

I apologize for the lack of commentary lately. Between a generally demanding workload that pays well in terms of overtime and some recent work drama related to workload and hiring, I've had little time or energy to devote to reading the two dozen or so blogs and news sources I normally scan. Sometimes income has to be a priority, and if I could make a decent living at blogging for fewer than 10 regular readers - hmmm, it might be generous to suggest my readership is plural - it would be higher up on my To Do list.

Last weekend, Yak Attack's lewlew was kind enough to give me some of the abundant flora from her garden. Unfortunately, the Pacific Northwest weather cooperates only when I'm at work, so I haven't yet had time to put anything in permanent homes. Mint, lavender, candytuft, succulents galore - it's quite the vegetative spread, and I look forward to the sights and smells once they're established.

I did manage to tackle the high grass in my back yard. I hadn't mowed since shortly after I moved in 7 months ago, and it was getting so tall that any passing Vietnam vet might be trapped by unpleasant flashbacks. My fabulous neighbor, a retired man with what I suspect is more time than he knows how to fill, occasionally mows my front yard and parking strip when he's feeling up to it, and for that I'm grateful. But the randy dandelions have been frolicking and seed-spreading like teenagers whose parents are out of town, and my back yard was a lumpy mess of pathetic-looking grass and golden knee-high weeds. At some point I'll just till the entire thing over and bring in fresh sod, but for now, I'll settle for a shorter lumpy mess.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a dry weekend when I can get dirty planting and weeding and trimming. But until that day, I'll try to give my blog the attention my yard isn't getting.

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