Lunaya Pravda

19 June 2007

Some good news

I still keep waiting for the other shoe to smash me like an insect, but in the meantime, there's some good news on the car front.

Figuring that life was giving me a giant, flashing neon sign that it was time to replace my sad aging car, I went out and purchased a new one over the weekend. Good credit gave me a good interest rate, and I'm very excited about and happy with the new wheels.

And then yesterday the police in another suburb called me to tell my car had been found. This morning, I trotted off to pay the impound fees (@#!*), get whatever I could out of the vehicle, and make arrangements to have a salvage yard buy the title and pick it up. To my surprise, the car was completely drivable, and other than a damaged ignition that now allows one to remove the key while it's still running, you'd never know someone else was driving it. The thief made off with a full tank of gas, and I expected it to be bone dry, but there was still 7/8 of a tank left. My only missing CD was still in the CD player (the detachable stereo face was with me--haha!).

I can just picture the thief deciding that perhaps he'd picked a bit of a lemon and abandoning his joyriding quest. A car that old is anything but a joyride. Several of the dash warning lights are permanently on: the unfamiliar driver is constantly warned that his brake and reverse lights are malfunctioning and the battery isn't charging (none of those are happening, mind you). Of late, there has also been a problem with the temperature gage telling the driver that the car is heating up to redline, particularly when stopped at a light or in heavy traffic. It's not overheating, so far as I can tell, but again, if you don't know the car's quirks as well as I do, why doubt the gage or the warning lights?

Finding the car drivable was NOT something I'd expected. Fortunately, my good friend L. (thank you, L.!) was kind enough (and available on such short notice) to come back with me to the impound lot and drive the poor thing back to my house. I'm still going to sell it for scrap, but this way I might be able to sell the stereo and the new tires separately and get a few more bucks out of it. And at least now I have the time to deal with it without pressure. Hurrah!