Lunaya Pravda

21 April 2006

Long trek to work 'answer to balanced life'?

Americans commute longer, farther than ever

Dave Givens drives 370 miles to work and back every day and considers his seven-hour commute the best answer to balancing his work with his personal life.

The winner of a nationwide contest to find the commuter with the longest trek, Givens is one of millions of people who are commuting longer and farther than ever before.

Studies show Americans spend more time than ever commuting and for a growing number, getting to work takes more than an hour. In the most recent Census Bureau study, 2.8 million people have so-called extreme commutes, topping 90 minutes.

I suppose if this guy is content, then that's all that matters, but I'll be damned if I'd commute 7 hours each day. What's the point of living in the country if you're actually living in your car?

I remember seeing something on TV about a woman who actually FLEW to and from her office each day. She lived in San Marino, I think - one of those LA 'burbs - and caught flights to and from San Jose each day. She got up at 3AM and didn't get home until 10 or 11PM each night. She, too, said it was "balance".

They can keep their ideas of balance. To me, that's just a sick juggling act.