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16 July 2006


I made my first ever batch of homemade raspberry freezer jam today.

In the past, my wonderful mother has always provided me with jam, even sending it to me express while I was in college. But, as much as I can wish she'd live - and make jam - forever, I figure this is one thing I must know how to make for myself. Storebought jams and jellies have never held much appeal to me, primarily because the cooking dramatically alters the taste of the fruit. Freezer jam, on the other hand, tastes like fresh fruit. Yes, it doesn't have the longevity of cooked jam, but it can stay frozen for 18 months or so and still be edible. And freezer jam requires much less effort.

One thing that drives me nuts about making any new recipe is that I don't have the fluid kitchen motions down. I'm constantly shifting and maneuvering and balancing to grab and poor and stir. I must have poured the raspberry puree back and forth between bowls at least three times because I couldn't decide which bowl would be better.

And I'm always messier those first few times. Even as I've typed this, I've found spots of rasberry puree on my arms. It's like sand after a beach outting - I'm finding it everywhere (okay, how did I get jam on the bathroom mirror???).

But the jam appears to be setting up nicely, and if it comes out well, I may take some to a few friends (I certainly won't subject them to feeling obligated to compliment me on the jam if it comes out poorly). The sense of accomplishment provides my drive for these endeavors.

(K. - I wish I could give you a pint for bringing me these canning jars, but sadly, freezer jam doesn't ship that well in 100+ degree heat, either. So get your behind in gear and move already!)

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