Lunaya Pravda

24 January 2007

Goodbye, HoT

I have to wonder what the hell is up with Hammer of Truth lately? Despite the site's decidedly pro-Libertarian (big L, not little) slant and its unnecessary focus on Libertarian Party happenings, which do nothing but cause me to yawn and change the channel, opinion pieces worth reading could still be found.

It's been sidelined for two or three months now, supposedly so that LibertyMix can be launched. Only one update has thus far been given, and that was more than a month ago. If they'd like to keep some readers, at least give us updates every couple of weeks. And why they couldn't leave the old HoT content up while working on the new launch... well, that's beyond me.

So sorry, HoT, but you're the weakest link (jeeze, did I really just use that cheesy line?). Instead, I have replaced you with freeman, libertarian critter's new site feed.