Lunaya Pravda

08 September 2007


Why on earth do I continue to be surprised at government idiocy? You'd think that by now, I'd have long since accepted the fact that stupidity has no bounds... that we have, indeed, invented a better idiot at every junction in social evolution.

As I was driving home yesterday, someone tossed a rock (or something heavy--I never found it) off a freeway overpass and smashed my moon roof. Fortunately I had the sun shade closed, so there were no injuries.

Knowing my insurance would ask, I reported it to the state patrol. And even now, I'm astounded at the level of warped thinking that led to the response I got. First, they didn't get back to me for 20 minutes, ensuring that whoever threw the rock was long gone. And then they drop the bomb on me--if they file a report, it'll go down as a collision on MY driving record.


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