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06 August 2007

Theo van Gogh revisited?

Like Leonardo over at To The People, I'm wondering why the assassination of Oakland Post editor Chauncey Bailey isn't getting more press coverage. Is it because the killer, though a Muslim, didn't do anything as horrific as stab a 5-page letter filled with threats to his victim's chest?

The more details that emerge about Your Black Muslim Bakery, the shadier it looks, particularly since founder Yusuf Bey's death and the subsequent passing of its leadership to Yusuf's son, Waajid Aliawaad Bey. And the confessed killer, Devaughdre Broussard, described himself as a "good soldier" for gunning Bailey down, but that's apparently not sensational enough to get wide-spread national coverage from Bailey's journalist brethren, either. Or maybe they're afraid that a politically incorrect commentary about the whole sordid affair might cause them to join Bailey in the afterlife?

I mean, really, what does it take for a murder to get noticed around here? Broussard must not have been creative enough to set himself apart from any other Oakland thug such that the media would give Bailey's murder the attention which, judging from initial news coverage, it seems to warrant.

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