Lunaya Pravda

09 March 2007

From the "You're kidding me" files

State looks into price hikes of military haircuts

A deputy in the antitrust division wrote that some barbershop owners in Tillicum, including her, might be violating state and federal laws by participating “in illegal price-fixing of haircuts.”

The office says it has evidence that some of them might have agreed prior to Jan. 1 to raise the price of a military haircut from $6 to $7....

The increase didn’t bother some soldiers who were in the shops Thursday for haircuts.

"It’s still cheaper than other places I’ve been," said Spc. Ray Manning of the 4th Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment. "The quality is better off post."

I'm SO filled with warm fuzzies at the knowledge that the money stolen from me each year is going to investigate the fairness of military haircut pricing in Tillicum.

As to the question of whether the Attorney General's office has anything better to do, the answer is a resounding "No." It has nothing better to do than to remind the peons of its legal superiority and authority.