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02 April 2007

New blogs on the roll

I've recently been enjoying a couple of blogs I've found, so I'm adding them to the roll over there on the side.

The first is To The People. The author(s) have a decidedly libertarian bent, and there's some non-political human-interest type stuff in there, too. Worth a look.

The second is Last Free Voice (the name comes from the television series "Dark Angel"), which I stumbled upon while searching for any updated information on the still-defunct-and-silent Hammer of Truth. Specifically, I was searching for one of their writers, Michelle Shinghal, because I had enjoyed her posts at HoT and wondered if she'd simply moved on to greener pastures. Happily, I found her over at Last Free Voice along with a few other former contributors to HoT. There's still a bit more coverage of Libertarian Party politics than I care to peruse, but the former HoT writers, along with some fresh blood, have much to say that isn't LP-related and is well worth reading.

For example, today LFV provided a thought-provoking entry, a Defense of Plagiarism in public schools, exploring the suggestions that plagiarism is fraud, theft, or breach of contract, or that it's otherwise negative because kids aren't using or developing any creativity. This is the first of two posts on the subject, and I look forward to the second entry.

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