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24 April 2006

Must... move... gingerly

Though every muscle in my body is now screaming at me, I'm proud that I made good on my threat to attack the yard work once the weather cooperated. I weeded everything that I intended to weed, mowed the back yard, and pulled out a ton of morning glory on the north side of the house. Morning glory is beautiful, but like blackberry brambles, it gets into everything if left untouched. Unfortunately, it's coming from the neighbor's yard, so I wasn't able to remove it all.

I didn't get my starter plants from lewlew into their permanent homes, but that's because I decided that the soil is going to need some nurturing before it's really acceptable for planting. In the meantime, I'm going to get a couple of planters and some potting soil tonight, which will give them time to get really healthy while I work on fertilizing the soil and getting rid of the mossy patches.

I did something incredibly stupid, too. My lawnmower is a corded electric one - not my choice, but it was a gift, and it's decent. While I've been very attentive to the location of the cord while mowing the back yard, I completely forgot about it when moving to the front. The first thing I did was run over the cord and slice it almost in two, triping the circuit breaker for the garage. Sheesh. Live and learn, eh?

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