Lunaya Pravda

02 May 2006

Nothing like losing AND having to go home to Detroit

I don't usually get all torqued up over sports, but hockey - particularly playoff hockey - never fails to get my blood pumping.

Yes! The Detroit Red Wings lead most of the season, clinching their division and the Western Conference fairly early. And now that most-despised team, the number 1 seed in the west, has suffered a devistating upset and early elimination by the 8th-seed Edmonton Oilers. Words cannot adequately express my glee.

And my beloved Avalanche came through to crush the Dallas Stars 4 games to 1. Now if only Jose Theodore can show that he's capable of some playoff-caliber goaltending, then I'll be satisfied.

During the lockout bitterness, I'd forgotten how much I really missed this game. Given my love of hockey and fascination with curling, is it possible I was Canadian in another life?