Lunaya Pravda

06 August 2006

Good news!

A wonderful thing happened to me last night. I found the one piece of jewelry whose loss had been giving me some heartache.

Back in February I took a trip to Tucson to see some friends, meet some new freedom-minded folks, and visit the Tucson Rock & Mineral Show. One of my neighbors had recently been burgled, and I took steps to hide some of my more valuable jewelry - just in case.

After I returned, I put it all back in my jewerly box, or so I thought. In fact, until last night I had been certain I'd put it all back. I could have sworn I saw this ring in with all my other jewelry. But no, it was still in its hiding place - a really good one if I say so myself.

The ring is a gold and diamond ring that my cousin gave me as a gift for being her maid of honor. When our grandmother died and we were still quite young, it was decided that she, as the eldest grandaughter, would receive my grandmother's wedding ring. Later, when we were older, she didn't think it was right that I didn't have a least a part of the ring. So, as a gift to me, she had the largest diamond removed and set in another band for me, and replaced it with a ruby in grandmother's ring.

It was the loss of that ring that drove me to scout the depressing pawn shops. And last night, still tucked away with cup hooks (pretty smart, eh? brass cup hooks look incredibly similar to a gold band) and screws, I discovered I hadn't put it away. I found my college class ring, too.

Sure, I'll have to call my insurance claims rep and sort that all out, but that diamond ring was the one unreplaceable item of significant sentimental value, and I'm over the moon those thieving bastards didn't get their grubby hands on it.