Lunaya Pravda

01 November 2006

New addition to the Blogroll

I'm happy to announce that I've added dare2bfree's Restored Spirit to the Blogroll.

Her post from yesterday - When the norm is not normal - raises some important questions.

A few months ago, I had a long conversation w/ my husband about what I felt was the signs of another “civil war” which would be more aptly described as the next Revolution. We both thought that the potential was there, even if the majority (if any at all) of it wouldn’t be fought with guns and other weapons like the one that first formed our country. However, I’m beginning to rethink that. With the moronic decision to confiscate guns in New Orleans during Katrina, I can see that happening in other cities or across the U.S. easily. That is a line in the sand for many people. What will happen then? What will happen when the general gun owning public are faced with the order to turn in their weapon, their means of helping to protect their family?

I don't see signs of a coming revolution or civil war. What I see are signs of a coming collapse. Sure, the confiscation of weapons is a line in the sand for many, many folks. But not enough. Not enough by a long shot. I've long-since given up any hope that Americans would rise up and overthrow tyranny. And the walls that'll keep us from victory are sliding quietly into place; when they come to take our guns, it'll be far too late.

Maybe I'm jaded from city life, but what I see are millions overwhelmed with apathy and intellectual laziness. Not only are they apathetic and lazy, they're PROUD of it. In the city, it's not uncommon to hear folks boast of being completely unaware of politics on any level, or to announce that they always vote for the best-looking candidates (at least they get points for being aware of some kind of election). They brag to others about how much money they were able to get from the government - the question of whether to accept government funds has long since been shoved aside. It's not "whether to take", it's "how much to take," and the answer is "ALL that you can." This shallowness and stupidity and willful blindness to the world around them makes me doubt our ability to rise up as one. If a person can't even be self-sufficient when things are relatively calm and good, what chance does he stand at self-sufficiency and fighting back when the storm breaks?

So long as they've got a beer in one hand, and the TV remote in the other, everything beyond the living room walls is insignificant. And you can bet that if the lazy won't rise up to save their own asses, when their neighbors lose their guns to the thugs at the door, you can bet these repugnant folks won't rise up to save their neighbors, either. It would take a complete collapse to get their attention, and even then, the goal will be survival, not retaliation and certainly not victory.

While an amputee might be able to feel an itch or ache in a lost limb, most Americans have long since stopped noticing any aches in their lost freedom. Our freedom was amputated so long ago that most have forgotten there was ever any freedom to begin with, and the stump that remains is weak from disuse.

I really would like to have more faith in my fellow Americans. I would like to think there are more folks like the ones at The Claire Files. But sadly, I think we're in the minority - and a small minority it is. When the shitstorm comes, we won't be fighting a revolution. We'll be fighting to keep our lazy, apathetic neighbors from swamping us with the needs they were too stupid to avoid.