Lunaya Pravda

23 October 2006

Everything that's wrong with government

From the Bonehead of the Day Award - Evil Parallel Universe Section:

Yee A Sleaze

In the Evil Parallel Universe, politicians support everyone's view on an issue.

San Francisco California state Assemblyman, Leland Yee, cosponsored a bill requiring that each semiautomatic handgun sold in California must leave a unique numeric signature on the expelled bullet to make it easy to identify the weapon that shot the bullet.

* He bragged about how proud he was to be a bill cosponsor.

* He was proud to be named to the honor roll of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence for his having cosponsored the bill.

* He sent out a news release announcing his role in sponsoring the bill.

So, how can he appear to be on both sides of the fence?

Here's the left side of the fence

When his own bill came up for a vote, Yee not only voted against it but made sure it came up for a vote when some of the bill's supporters were not, at the time, in the Assembly, therefore assuring the bill's defeat. The bill failed by three votes.

Now the right side of the fence.

With the bill defeated, Yee, because he was not the deciding vote, was allowed to go back and officially change his vote to a "yes."

"Thus, Yee can still brag that he officially voted for the bill -- even though his actions helped kill it."

I'm speechless.