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08 September 2006

Brilliant... just brilliant

Smoking Ban Prompts Georgia Cafe to Ban Kids, Welcome Smokers

DUBLIN, Georgia — A year after Georgia forced restaurants to extinguish their smoking sections, the sign outside Chuck and Kay Fordham's diner defiantly invites customers to "Bring Your Butts On In."

Inside, ceiling fans stir the smell of frying bacon and hash browns and clouds of blue cigarette smoke as patrons puff away over cups of coffee. Butts pile up in the ashtrays on the tables and lunch counter.

Folks who don't want a side order of secondhand smoke with their eggs and burgers should probably stay away from the Smoker's Cafe.

The Fordhams found a way around the smoking ban by exploiting a loophole that was created to exempt bars from the law. Instead of banning cigarettes, the couple banned children from their restaurant.

Oh, I'd just LOVE to hear the commentary on this one from the obnoxious parents who worship the cult of the child. "Smoking is a choice... being a child isn't." Yeah, well, dining out is a choice, too, you ninnies.

I've had significantly more meals ruined by loud, unruly children and their lazy parents than I have the occasional smoker, even before the anti-smoking campaigns really began rolling (pun intended). Even though I haven't smoked in years - not even the occasional enjoyable cigar - I'd eat there just to patronize a place that, while filled with smoke, lacks screaming children and is making it known that nanny-statism has gone too far.

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