Lunaya Pravda

14 August 2006

Not MIA yet

I'm pleased to report that the contractor I've hired to replace my side door is doing an excellent job. Only some cosmetic touches remain - the door itself is installed and perfectly balanced. Having watched the guy do some of the work, and keeping in mind what my current skill level is with this kind of thing, I'm glad I didn't attempt to do the work myself. Definitely beyond my skill level.

I know Kirsten tagged me some time ago for a book meme, and I haven't forgotten. Perhaps tonight or tomorrow I'll get around to answering the tag.

I also might have some of my sketching efforts to post soon. One drawing is finished - or near finished, if I can just decide whether to spray it with fixitive. I seem to lack critical decision-making skills when it comes to finishing a drawing. The drawing has sat in different rooms, in different lighting (both day and night) and viewed both close and from afar. And I still can't decide if I'm satisfied. Argh. I guess if I have to ask, the answer is no...

In the meantime, I'll pass along an enjoyable short essay from NPR's "This I Believe" series, written by Brian Grazer, Academy Award-winning producer of A Beautiful Mind. Entitled "Disrupting My Comfort Zone", it's been haunting the recesses of my mind quite a bit lately.

So why do I continue to subject myself to this sort of thing? The answer is simple: Disrupting my comfort zone, bombarding myself with challenging people and situations -- this is the best way I know to keep growing. And to paraphrase a biologist I once met, if you're not growing, you're dying.

If you've some time, peruse the other essays as well.